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What does Pile mean?

Well Pile is the part of the carpet that you stand on and the quality is gauged by its weight. It's easy... the more pile that is put into the carpet so the more wear and longevity you will get out of the carpet. 

Also to be considered, it is not quite that simple, a deep pile carpet can be very luxurious but flattens more easily, so that would be best for a bedroom. Where as shorter pile carpets will wear much better but will not have that real deluxe feel underfoot.

What are the differences in types of pile?

There are many varieties of pile material, weight, weave and each offering a different look and feel. This is where the carpet sample process will help so you can test out colours and textures before making a final decision. 

Loop pile Has the look of natural flooring, coir and sisal which features yarns that loop on the surface of the carpet. Loops of differing heights will create a textured appearance, while loops of an even height create a level Loop pile.  A loop pile is not recemended if you have a pets as clawing the carpet will pluck the loop pile.

Twist pile is made from yarn that has been twisted tightly and is set to form a pile and has a slightly textured surface. Twist pile carpets can be in both plain and heather with various colours and Heather pile carpets are a combination of coloured fibres which can give a creative tonal effect. Twist pile is very hard wearing, robust carpet which is less likely to show vacuum/foot traffic marks.

Velvet pile yarns are more straight than a twisted yarn, The ends are cut at the top, giving a soft, velvety  like surface appearance. Velvet pile is also very hard wearing, robust carpet which is less likely to show vacuum/foot traffic marks.

Saxony pile carpets have a much longer pile and and a luxurious feel. They are available as a wool and man made carpet, not really recommended for heavy domestic use as the pile will flatten, but great for the bedroom and low traffic rooms.

Wool pile this is a natural fibre, much more environmentally friendly than a man made carpet. Also it offers great insulation and durability properties. Wool benefits from retaining its heat as it has a natural crimp structure and therefore will help to reduce energy costs in your home. Wool is naturally elastic and will recover from footstep marks more quickly than most carpet piles. Great also for resistance against moisture and dirt, and is less flammable than man made carpet fibres.

What is Man made fibres please explain?

Man made fibres, Polyester and Nylon, are great if you are on a tighter budget and is as hard wearing as wool, but not as sumptuous feel underfoot.

Wool mix carpet contains wool and man made fibres. This carpet ratio of both fibres typically gives a carpet beauty and warmth of wool, but in a much more durable form. 

Polypropylene being family friendly fibre carpet, generally costs less per square metre than wool. Dirt and stain resistant it is just perfect for childrens bedrooms and play areas. The only downside is it may flatten more quickly than a wool carpet.

How to choose the right carpet?

Your first consideration should be the area and amount of wear the carpet will receive. 

Hallway, stairs and landings are areas of high traffic which will need a hardwearing practical carpet with a good pile weight to maintain its appearance.

For the Bedroom carpet which does not receive such regular use, there is the chance to play around with different textures and fibres. Luxurious quality carpets are great and ideal in this environment.

Always have carpet samples as viewing online colours and pile weight can vary.

How to calculate and measure my room size?

Please look at the 'Calculate Size' button in the carpet / flooring manufacturer sections for a clear explanation for you to calculate the size of your carpet of hard flooring. If you have any problems please give us a call and we will assist. 

Choosing Underlay what will I need?

A carpet is not at its best without an underlay, as this creates an even foundation and helps if there are irregularities in the subfloor. Also underlay works as a good sound barrier also helps your floor last longer, as there is far less friction between the carpet and the subfloor.

Choosing the right underlay for your floor. Please give us a call for advise, we have a lot of experience and will help you choose the correct underlay for your chosen carpet and subfloor.

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