Carpet Protection

Stainshield Allergy Shield with Actigard

Water based ready-for-use product for the protection and hygiene of carpets, upholstery and fabrics.

StainShield with ACTIGARD is the very latest in Carpet Protection technology. When it is applied to carpets or upholstery, it provides a very high level of protection against stains and general soiling.

In short Carpet Protection helps your carpet deal with the everyday things life throws at it.

A Carpet Protector is a coating applied to the carpet, which adds resilience to stains and general soiling. It is applied via a spray gun.

A common misconception is that a carpet protector or 'scotchguard' as it is known by some, stops the carpet from becoming stained or soiled. Instead the protector will help hold up a spillage, giving you time to blot up excess liquid – if not fully removed by blotting, the stain will respond better to Professional cleaning than normal because of the carpet protector. Another benefit of carpet protection is that generally speaking it assists the cleaning of the carpet as a whole. The applied coating helps the majority of general soiling stay away from the actual carpet fibre, making it more responsive to extraction cleaning.

How it works

Millions of these household dust mites and their excrement are to be found in every home. Dust mite allergies together with bacteria and fungal moulds can be directly linked to over 50% of all asthmatic diseases. Other related allergies include eczema, rhinitis (hayfever), sinusitis, watery eyes, coughs etc.

Actigard is the safe highly durable and proven answer to a worldwide hygiene problem. Actigard treated textiles and carpets will eliminate the food chain that these dust mites thrive and procreate on. Without this source, dust mites, mould fungi and bacteria cannot develop.

Long Lasting Properties

Unlike other products that have a time-limited lifespan, Allergyshield (ACTIGARD) remains effective continuously. As with ALL products of this type, a thorough washing process will remove them and they should be re-applied for continuous protection.

Here at Floorlines Direct we can offer this service on your new carpet, just tick the box at the check out to include this process or please call for further information.

Intec Carpet and Fabric Protector for Natural Floorings

Intec Carpet and Fabric Protector is the ultimate protection to ensure that treated materials retain their fresh, new appearance and are easy to clean and maintain, both at home and in a commercial setting.

As the market leader in the UK for protecting natural floorings, we provide specialist advice on the treatment of sisal, seagrass, jute and coir coverings. The majority of natural flooring suppliers in the UK recommend the Intec treatment.

Intec Anti-Dustmite Protector hinders the proliferation of dustmites and other biological contaminants that can provoke allergies and asthma and cause premature deterioration of fabric materials.

Carpet and Fabric Protector

Intec protector is the effective way to protect your carpets and fabrics from dirt and stains. Developed for commercial use in hotels and airlines, this innovative resinous co-polymer formula is now available to you. Intec is the most comprehensive protection available.

An invisible shield

Intec forms an invisible shield around every fibre, keeping your furnishings looking good and making them easier to clean and care for. Intec is extremely durable and gives lasting protection even in the most demanding conditions.

Intec dries in minutes and gives immediate protection with minimal disruption.Intec does not alter the fabric's colour, texture or flame retardancy, so even the most delicate silks can be treated with confidence. Intec has been designed to be environmentally friendly. Intec is water based and it does not contain harmful solvents.

Intec shrugs off dirt and spills

Intec's new soil release formula repels dirt - even oil based spills.

Anti-static agents prevent attraction of dry soils to carpets and fabrics, ensuring quick and effective everyday cleaning. Intec reduces abrasion and significantly increases the usable life of your carpets and fabrics. Spills are simply mopped up by absorbent paper or a clean towel - even dried in stains are easy to remove.

Deep down protection

Intec's deep down protection ensures that when the stains disappear, so do the smells; even tobacco smells cannot linger in the fibres.

Unlike other household products on the market, Intec normally requires only one application no matter how often you clean your carpets and fabrics.

Environmentally friendly

We continually develop our product to ensure that we remain the most efficient, cost effective, ecologically sound carpet and fabric protector on the market.

Here at Floorlines Direct we can offer this service on your new carpet, just tick the box at the check out to include this process or please call for further information.